There are typically four key players in any aggregation:

  • City / town
  • Aggregation consultant
  • Electricity supplier selected by the city or town
  • Local electric utility

The primary responsibilities of each are well defined and are listed below:

City / Town

  • Authorize the development of the aggregation plan
  • Provide feedback on and approve the aggregation plan and associated documents
  • Approve the model supply agreement
  • Approve the shortlist of bidders
  • Approve and execute the contract with the supplier
  • Provide policy direction and decision making
  • Oversee the consulting and legal team


  • Develop the aggregation plan and associated documents
  • Manage the DOER review and DPU approval process
  • Manage supply procurement and negotiate the contract with electricity supplier
  • Implement public education efforts
  • Provide customer support
  • Monitor supplier performance
  • Monitor the market and advise when it is timely to procure the next supply contract
  • Monitor regulatory developments and ensure the City/Town remains in compliance

Electricity supplier

  • Send the opt-out notification letters and manage opt-out replies
  • Enroll customers
  • Supply electricity and satisfy all Commonwealth of Massachusetts, ISO New England, and contractual requirements
  • Provide quality customer service
  • Provide the electricity content disclosure label


  • Bill customers and collect payments
  • Provide delivery service