Mass Power Choice

Community choice aggregation

A municipal electricity program that offers transparency, stability, and the potential to take a bold step toward carbon reduction. Under the name MassPowerChoice, we deliver a highly-tailored program with all the hands-on support your community needs.


Energy consulting

Peregrine offers a broad array of energy consulting expertise beyond municipal electricity aggregation to help public entities in Massachusetts understand and manage their energy use, move toward renewable energy sources, and create resiliency to climate change.


What our communities are doing

Adding solar energy to the local grid

The City of Cambridge is using community choice aggregation to develop a new solar project that will add renewable energy to the grid.


Leading the state in renewable energy purchasing

The City of Newton is purchasing an additional 62% renewable energy from New England over and above the minimum amount required by state law.

Newton Power Choice

Driving the adoption of residential solar

As a result of incentives provided through the community choice program, the Town of Nantucket has supported the development of 92 new residential solar projects on the island.

Nantucket Power Choice

What our programs have achieved


MWh of electricity

purchased through our community choice aggregations annually


electricity customers

enrolled in community choice programs


increase in Class I renewable electricity

used above the state requirement by our aggregation programs


electricity customers

voluntarily choosing 100% renewable electricity