Integrating Renewables

Integrating Renewable Energy

Aggregation can be a powerful and flexible tool for integrating renewable energy into your community‚Äôs electricity supply. Depending on your community’s priorities, pursuing one, several, or all of the options below can help move your community toward sustainability goals at a pace that makes sense.

a greener

For communities that are not yet ready for 100%-green energy, but want to honor the concerns of residents and businesses who prioritize the environmental component of their electricity. Providing a greener option gives those who want more renewable energy the ability to choose it.


For communities that want to take significant step toward meeting sustainability goals. By directing your electricity supplier to supply only green energy for all program participants, you can ensure that nearly all electricity accounts in your community move to green energy at program launch.

Integrate local
renewable energy

For communities that want to support local renewable energy projects. Your community can ask your electricity supplier to purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) from local projects as part of meeting state requirements for integrating a minimum amount of renewable energy.
Solar panels in a field with wind turbines in the distance