School Energy Programs

For schools that want to support behavior-based energy efficiency programs with data, our offerings allow students, faculty, and staff to see how changes they make actually impact building energy use. For schools that want some help putting an energy program together, our Green Team mentoring gives faculty sponsors a framework for launching and guiding a team of engaged students.

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Energy Efficiency Awareness Month Support

An ideal first effort for a school interested in implementing a short-term energy efficiency awareness campaign. We provide monitoring equipment on two electrical panels, 4 weeks of PDF-based reports crafted for students, teachers, and facilities staff, and reports designed specifically for hallway and classroom display.

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Energy Use Dashboard

For school districts that want to integrate energy efficiency into elementary-level classroom efforts on an ongoing basis. We provide monitoring equipment on a minimum of two electrical panels and access to an interactive web-based dashboard designed specifically as a teaching tool with the ability to see energy use in near real time and with a competition view to enable energy savings competitions between schools.

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Green Team Mentoring

For those schools interested in investing in a comprehensive behavioral energy efficiency program that persists into the future and feel they could benefit from mentoring for the faculty member(s) who will cultivate and oversee a student Green Team.

We provide mentoring support services around energy behavioral program development over the course of a school year with the support of a mentoring partner with both Massachusetts experience and national recognition. We also provide a building walk through by our engineer, who provides a review of the building management system control settings, strengths and limitations, and opportunities for improved performance.