Building Energy Performance

Fine-tune your building energy performance without making a capital investment. Our retrocommissioning-based offerings are designed specifically to uncover low-cost operational changes that yield real energy savings. Our suite of services has been fine-tuned for small- to medium-sized municipal, multifamily, small commercial, and institutional buildings.

Building management system controls assessment

The building management controls assessment is an ideal supplement to our controls retrocommissioning services or a strong stand-alone service. The assessment includes a half-day operations-based site walk and a building management system performance analysis by our senior retrocommissioning engineer. It provides a useful opportunity for school and municipal energy managers and facility managers to get an expert third-party review of the control settings, strengths and limitations, and opportunities for improved performance.

Controls retrocommissioning

Building controls should be recommissioned every 5 years to maintain peak building performance. We offer professional engineering retrocommissioning services that can confirm that your building controls are set properly, verify whether valves, actuators, and sensors are functioning correctly, identify opportunities to operate your controls more efficiently, and then oversee the implementation of the changes needed to bring your building to peak performance.

Detailed electricity use monitoring

Electricity use monitoring can tell you exactly what drives energy use within a specific building and make it easy to target operational changes so they lead to immediate energy savings. We install monitoring equipment at the electrical circuit level and track the performance of building equipment, building sections, and rooms. Then we analyze that use and give you a set of recommendations for scheduling and other operational changes to reduce electricity use. Monitoring data can also be integrated into any formal retrocommissioning effort. This service has been approved for Massachusetts Green Community competitive grant funding.

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